What I Can Do For You:

Connect with your audience.  Let me make the impact you desire in:

  • Digital content marketing: Do you have a website which needs relevant, well-written content?  Do you want to ensure that it has the appropriate keywords to attract the right audience?

  • Website development WITH marketing-oriented content:  Do you need a website, but don't have the time to develop it?  Do you need your website to contain the necessary elements to draw the market to your business? 

  • Writing of article series: Would you like content developed focusing on a particular topic or group of topics, with the reader being pointed back to your website or another article?

  • Editing: Do you need help polishing a piece, getting it ready for publication, or preparing it to go live?

  • Ghostwriting: Do you have an idea for an e-book or manuscript, but need it developed and put on paper?

  • Blog postings/Social media networking: Are you wanting to populate information on a blog or other social media outlets?

  • Printed marketing materials: Do you need a copywriter with a marketing perspective for materials that you'll have printed?

Fees are determined based on time allotment for each project. I talk through each project with every

client prior to putting forth a contract to ensure the best possible mutual understanding and a good

working relationship. 

Contact me today so that we can set up an initial discussion about your project!



The right words.  Distinctive results.